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How is working?

1. Insert your Event

Setup your Event ,register as Event Manager and insert all the parameters : Location, Image,Start and End Date, timing, How many tickets are available, is a free or a payed event, your PayPal email to recive payments.........

2. Setup Your Page Event

Look at your own event's Page, the system create your own page event where you can send registrants to review information and Register Individually or as a group.....

3. Recive Subscriptions

Recive subscriptions and login in to your Manager Account to check them,
you can resend email to the user that didn't finished the subscription , in the Manager account you can manage 100% all your Events and Registrants...

4. Check in registrants with QRCODE

  • At your Event's Location , with any mobile device , you can easely check in all the people coming at your event!
  • Just scan the QRCODE of the Registrant and Automatically your Registrants will be checked in your system!!
  • All controls available in your Manager's Account.

5. Build your own Database registrants

  • View registrants list, search for registrant base first_name, last_name, organization, transaction_id..., filter registrants from a selected event...
  • Add/edit registration record, add more registrants into an existing group registration.
  • Approve offline payment registration (after receiving payment from registrants).
  • Export/Import registrants to/from Excel, CSV file.

6. Send Mass Email /Newsletter to all for next event!

  • Sending mass mail to registrants of an event or to selected registrants.
  • Resend email (in case registrants don't receive it for some reasons).
  • Send up to 2 reminder emails to registrants X-days before/after event start date.
  • Notification email sent to administrator when registrants cancel his registration.
  • Each event can have it own notification emails and email messages if required.




manage your events with





OpenHouse Events Booking is a powerful, features rich, easy to use Events Registration system. It allows you to create events (both free and paid), allows registrants to register for these events (Individual or Group registration) and process payment via online payment gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.net, Eway, Paypal Pro, First Data and many many more...
The system is being designed for all the needs of the customers , easy to use and user friendly.


Our Clients & Brands

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Open House Booking is an innovative system that allow all the business and people that needds to manage events.

Can be managed Open House Events for Real estate as well as Business Events of any kind.
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